Children that need a rest sleep in the main living area so that the older children can have access to the classroom during quiet time. Cots are provided for preschool children and playpens for infants and young toddlers.

We serve a wholesome, balanced vegetarian menu at Red River Early Learning Centre.

Lunch and two snacks are provided at scheduled times during the day and the children always have access to fruit, cut vegetables and other healthy foods if they’re hungry.

In an unschool learning environment children are active participants in their learning. Because we don’t have a strict curriculum children have the opportunity to follow their own interests and passions, learning in their own unique ways.

“What we want to see is the child in pursuit of knowledge, not knowledge in pursuit of the child.” – George Bernard Shaw

Unschooling, at its core, is simply play based learning and play is the best way for children of all ages to learn.

At Red River Early Learning Centre our main focus isn’t the ABCs and 123s (though those skills definitely blossom in a playful learning space); Our goal is to support the children in our program to develop a growth mindset and hone their critical thinking skills, social skills, creativity, independence, and self help skills.

Our program is flexible and responsive to each child’s unique needs, interests and abilities. To paraphrase Jones and Nimmo in Emergent Curriculum (1994) curriculum isn’t the focus, the children are. Our curriculum is derived from the children’s passions and individualized to capture their interests and scaffold their learning.

Home child care programs in Ontario cannot be licensed; our program is agency affiliated which means we are a contracted space that operates under the license of the agency we work with. We can accept subsidy and access support resources for children and families because of this partnership.

Hard no. We do not use the cry it out method in this program. Children that have a hard time settling independently are comforted and supported while they fall asleep.

At Red River Early Learning Centre we believe that learning is a multifaceted pursuit, as such the children have access to tablets, computers, and videos in order to extend or scaffold their learning.

In the same way that exploration in nature is a valuable experience, discovering the digital landscape is an important skill for young people as well. That said, everything in moderation is key.

No. We believe in process over product which means allowing the children the opportunity to explore art materials in a way that encourages their creativity, freedom of movement, sensory development and emotional growth.

Sometimes a piece of art may make it home. Other days the children focus on using the art materials in ways that don’t produce a product.

Yes, community involvement is a big part of our program and we spend a lot of time exploring our neighborhood/city. We take the bus or walk to visit local museums, parks, and other attractions.

No, we do not give sibling discounts.

Yes, fees are due during all absences.

Parents are granted two weeks of vacation each year at half-rate. For sick days and other unscheduled absences full fees are due.

Absolutely, we are happy to make changes to the menu when required.

Yes, because we are an agency contracted home child care program we are able to offer subsidized spaces.

The first step for clients seeking a subsidized space is to connect with us to ensure that a space is currently available. The next step is to contact The Region of Waterloo Home Child Care to complete an application form after which a consultant from the Region will speak with you to discuss your child care needs.

We have one very friendly black cat in our home named Van. He will always try to convince you he hasn’t been fed … don’t listen to him, he’s lying.