Admission and Tuition

Our program enrolls children 12 months to 8 years of age.

We are currently accepting applications for September 2020 from families seeking care for school aged children (age 3.5 years and older).

For more information please submit a web inquiry using this form.


Hours of Care Daily Rate
0-4 hours $27
4-8 hours $47
8-10 hours $50
Extended Hours of Care $9/hour (or part thereof
  • Tuition is due Monday of each week for the current week of care.
  • If your child is full-time, the full weekly rate is due whether or not your child is absent.  (This includes all paid holidays)
  • If your child is part-time, the full part-time weekly rate is due whether or not your child is absent. (This includes all paid holidays).
  • Extended hours fees apply when care is required beyond your currently contracted hours. This fee is in addition to the full day, or half day fee if your child attends the program during the day. Extended hours must be agreed upon in advance otherwise late pick up fees and after hours protocol will apply.