I cannot say enough good things about RRELC. In short, it is a wonderfully nurturing, stimulating and inclusive space for young children. My family was lucky enough to work with her this year while I attended school fulltime. From the very beginning, Natasha opened her door and her heart to our child. She worked tirelessly with us to provide our daughter with a consistent, encouraging and loving environment. I never once questioned her judgement or ability to care for my child, and I will forever be grateful for the impact she has had in my kiddos life. It has been an absolute privilege to watch my daughter blossom into her own using the tools and experience she has gained attending RRELC. Thank you.

Brittanae Carey

Simply the best child care provider we’ve ever had. This is alloparenting at its finest.

Maria Andrusiak Morland

Unparalleled, fantastic care! My son never had a day where he didn’t say to go. He always looked forward to attending, and often wanted to stay and play. Natasha helped him overcome many challenges and obstacles, including his speech. He came to the centre not being able to talk, and less than 3 months later he was chatting up a storm! It was a sad day for us when he finished his time at RRELC, and headed on to JK. Natasha had a huge impact on his development, and we will never forget that.

Danielle Howlett-Nezezon

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